Bring the power of complementary technologies together for a most effective security system

OPTEX's wide range of sensing solutions technologies can be fully-integrated with IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and other security devices, providing users a complete security system where local or remote monitoring centers will be alerted in the event of an unwanted intrusion; cameras will start tracking the object providing an accurate and fast visual verification, the incident events can be monitored in real-time, the images recorded, and an appropriate response determined.

Intelligent detection to guide security surveillance

Modern intelligent sensors are able to distinguish genuine intrusions and nuisance false alarms, triggering built-in or third-party cameras and notifiying only when a real intrusion has been detected. OPTEX sensors integrate seamlessly with analog, hybrid or fully IP CCTV systems to secure perimeter, approach, sites, roofs, facade, building and assets protection. To protect sites where cabling and electricity is an issue: OPTEX has available wireless external detector series.

Technology partners

Our full range of IP/PoE motion detection sensors integrate with major Video Management Software (VMS) platforms.

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