How installation of the OPTEX OAM-Explorer resulted in a safer work environment and smoother daily operations of a luxury car dealership in California.


An overhead door company in the California desert reached out to OPTEX Entrance to find a solution for their customer who was using a RapidView 999 Industrial door that was not opening and closing properly due to a faulty sensor. As the customer is located in Cathedral City, California, and summer heat was quickly approaching, it was imperative that the issue was resolved quickly.

Job Site:

The door was located in the service department at a local luxury car dealership. High speed industrial roll-up doors are used at both ends of their large repair department. This is intentionally designed to facilitate the quick movement of vehicles in and out of the building, while maintaining the building’s internal cool temperature.


The service department was using a secondary safety device designed to stop and reverse the door if it comes into contact with an object during the closing cycle. These wireless pressure edges are connected to the door controller via wifi connection. However, the technicians document their work in the bay with a system that requires a strong wifi signal. These competing signals caused interference between the connection of the safety edges and the controller. Frequently, the door would not properly open, requiring a manual reset to raise the door. This issue caused severe interruption to daily operation and moving cars in and out of the bay.


Upon arrival at the site, OPTEX Entrance was able to coordinate quickly to remove the secondary safety devices (wireless pressure edges) and replace them with the OPTEX OAM-Explorer, Header Mounted Industrial Door sensors. This solution is the best fit for industrial doors of this nature because:

  • They are not susceptible to interference from wifi or other electromagnetic sources, allowing continued use of their existing technology in the service department.
  • The OAM-Explorer is the safest on the market with 3 detection zones. The door will remain open during the presence of cars and humans underneath the threshold.
  • Additionally, the department can continue to conserve energy as the door will not be triggered to open unnecessarily due to cross traffic.

The quick installation required little interruption of daily operations, and the client was pleased that any future configuration could easily be deployed through a smartphone app.


The successful deployment of the OPTEX OAM-Explorer resulted in the luxury dealership’s service department industrial doors opening and closing as intended, every time. In addition to resolving the door malfunction issue, the installation of our sensor offered the dealership a guaranteed safer work environment for their employees. Unlike the previously used sensor, the OAM-Explorer offered an added layer of human protection through its ability to sense throughout the entire threshold of the door.


The luxury care dealership no longer struggles with their service door malfunction issue. The implementation of our OAM-Explorer sensor exceeded the client’s expectations by providing a solution that doesn’t interfere with daily operations & promotes greater workplace safety.