Product Details

The OPTEX OA-72C is a ceiling mount type infrared sensor for automatic doors. Its stylish design and flexible detection area setting are a great fit for any entrance.

Safe and Stable Operation

The OA-72C has the ability to detect the presence of a person or object within its field of view, keeping the door open anytime someone is near. The presence timer can be adjusted for 2, 30 or 60 seconds. In addition, snow mode is built-in to add stability in locations where the sensor is exposed to harsh environments.

High Mount Capability

High ceilings are not a problem for the OA-72C. The sensor can be mounted as high as 13 ft. above the floor.

Flexible Detection Area

Adjust the detection area Left and Right and move it closer or further away from the door. Adjustment is accomplished by the movement of independent threshold and approach areas. Fine adjusters allow for adjustment to within 1” of the moving face of the door.

Easy installation

The OA-72C comes with built-in mounting flanges. Simply cut the hole, connect the wires and pop the sensor into place.


Functionality Activation Safety Combination

Opening Size Small Medium Large