Product Details

The OA-Edge T series is based on OPTEX's Active Infrared Triangulation Technology. Due to the modular design, you can upgrade the safety level of the sensor by adding additional modules.

Master and Slave Modules

The sensor can be assembled using master and slave modules according to the required safety level and the width of the swing door. For a standard configuration of two sensors installed on a door with a width of 900 cm (29.5 feet) only one master module is required, and a maximum of 3 slave modules can be connected to this master module.

Monitoring Capability

The OA-Edge T has built-in monitoring capability. It monitors all its critical functions and notifies compatible controls when an error occurs. Self-monitoring capability ensures a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor.

Multiple Lengths

Sensor comes in 4 different lengths, 13.5", 34.5", 40", and 44" versions. Sticks can also be cut to length by installer if needed.


Functionality Safety

Opening Size Small Medium Large