Product Details

The OPTEX VVS-1 uses image recognition technology to detect the speed and direction of people walking nearby, ensuring that automatic doors open and close at just the right time for each person. This not only allows for safe and comfortable passage through the doors, but also helps improve energy efficiency. The VVS-1 keeps the automatic doors closed when pedestrians are merely walking by the entrance. Reducing unwanted openings and closings saves energy and improves the efficiency of air conditioning systems. The VVS eTracker app illustrates the effectiveness of the VVS-1 compared to conventional sensors.

Safety and comfortUsing image recognition technology to detect the speed and direction of people walking near the entrance, the VVS-1 opens and closes the doors at just the right time for each person.
Saves EnergyBecause the VVS-1 can detect the direction of people near the doors, it can ignore cross-traffic and reduce the number of unwanted openings significantly. This saves energy and improves air conditioning efficiency.
Area-specific image recognition areaThe image-processing system recognizes the presence of people within the area outlined in yellow in the image below. The area outlined in blue is treated as a presence detection zone just as with conventional sensors, allowing comparisons with the more efficient VVS-1. At the door - 1 to 2 below, the system determines how wide to open the doors.

System Configuration

VVS-1Provides accurate detection of the speed and direction of pedestrians for optimal activation. A PC is required for configuring the VVS-1 via a LAN cable.
X-ZONE T (sold separately)This header-mounted sensor provides additional coverage of the activation area and safe area coverage while the door is open.
Power supply (sold separately)Use only the following dedicated power supplies with the VVS-1:
· single direction (one VVS-1): 24V / 15 W power supply
· dual direction (two VVS-1): 24V / 30 W power supply
VVS eTracker appThis exclusive smart device app is designed for use with VVS-1 systems. The app makes it easy to see the effectiveness of the VVS-1.

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