Product Details

The OPTEX X-Zone T Sensor is an Infrared and Microwave Combination Sensor designed for Sliding Doors. Its exclusive BlueZone™ feature offers presence detection in the threshold when the door is in the open position. Having the ability to detect in the threshold dramatically increases the level of safety that can be achieved. This sensor is perfect for slide door applications where the balance between safety and performance is paramount. Keep them safe with the X-Zone T from OPTEX.

BlueZone™ Technology

How it Works: When the approach area detects a person or object, the sensor will activate the door and turn on the BlueZone™ which detects through the threshold. As long as someone is in the detection area, the sensor will keep the door in the open position. Once the area is cleared, the BlueZone™ will ignore the door panels and allow the door to safely close.

BLUEZONE for true threshold safety

Directional Detection

The X-Zone T can be adjusted to ignore traffic moving away from the sensor and reset more quickly. This allows the door to close sooner, reducing airflow between environmentally-controlled areas and the outdoors. This feature will save your customer money over the life of the sensor. Reduce power consumption and protect the environment with the X-Zone T from OPTEX.

Monitoring Capability

The X-Zone T has built-in monitoring capability. The sensor monitors all of its critical functions and notifies compatible controls if an error occurs. Self-monitoring capability ensures a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor.


Functionality Activation