Product Details

The AX-TW100S is an attractive, robust housings for the AX Series of photoelectric beams. The single-sided, free standing beam enclosure is a half size version of the AX-TW200S beam enclosure, and is a great way to protect and hide the beams while increasing your system security. The extruded aluminum frame and use of acrylic materials ensure that the housings will remain attractive over their installed lifetime. The AX-TW100S Beam Enclosure will accommodate the AX-100TFR, AX-200TFR, SL-350QFR and iSeries versions to create a completely secure, battery-powered perimeter with no trenching.

When a site plan is provided, OPTEX technicians will custom build our beam enclosures and mount OPTEX beams inside them based on your job site specifications. Better yet, we'll do it all at no additional charge. If necessary, we'll even ship them directly to your job site, labeled for position and ready to be installed. (Shipping fees apply)

Download our comprehensive Beams and Enclosures Guide to build your solution.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter

Key Features

  • 3'3" 180 degree ground mounted beam enclosure
  • Anti-tamper and full fixing kit supplied
  • Suitable for wired, IP and wireless models
  • accommodate the AX-100TFR, AX-200TFR, SL-350QFR and iSeries versions


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