FlipX Indoor PIR Series: With Unique 180˚ Rotatable Lens for Customized Detection

The FlipX Series is our new generation of indoor PIR / dual-tech detectors equipped with innovative pyroelectric element and rotatable lens, a feature unique to OPTEX. By simply removing the case and flipping the lens 180˚, the detection pattern can be customized from 85˚ wide for covering large open spaces, to just 5˚ for covering long narrow passages or windows. The FlipX Series is ideal for indoor applications ranging from residential to high-end commercial sites.

Featuring OPTEX’s unique pyroelectric element for elevated accuracy and performance, the FlipX Series provides superior pet tolerance and environmental immunity to significantly reduce nuisance and false alarms. With its advanced SMDA logic and spherical lens design, the FlipX Series guarantees stable and reliable detection for a variety of indoor application needs.

Customizable wide or narrow detection zones

By simply rotating the FlipX lens 180˚, the detection pattern of the sensor can be changed from wide to narrow to fit a variety of indoor application needs ranging from residential to high-end commercial. This feature enables the FlipX Series to effortlessly meet multiple application needs and minimizes installation time.

Residential Applications

For residential applications, the FlipX Series can protect entire indoor areas like living rooms or hallways with its wide 85˚ coverage. Vulnerable entry points such as windows and doors can also be protected via its narrow 5˚ detection option by turning the lens.

Commercial Applications

For commercial applications, the FlipX Series offers a wide range of functions such as IR anti-masking, and optional settings like switchable range, to protect sites such as offices, shops, or restaurants, from intrusion attempts after operational hours. The FlipX can also be installed to protect specific entry points or high-value assets according to your specific application needs.