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The VX Shield (VXS-AM) series is a range of four outdoor PIR sensors providing 40ft by 90° detection coverage, ideal for all residential and small commercial sites. Featuring customizable design and high accuracy against false alarms, the VX Shield series includes two PIR models and two dual-techs, all equipped with digitally-enhanced signal recognition logic as well as super multidimensional analysis (SMDA). Analyzing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against temperature changes or moving trees and vegetation, reducing the risk of false alarms.

The VX Shield series has been designed to make the installation phase as easy as possible, with the inclusion of a rotation lock to simplify opening and closing of the detector’s cover. Sensor adjustment components have also been colored blue to make it obvious which parts are used to manipulate the sensor detection area. A spirit level has been incorporated as well, along with an automatic walk test mode which starts automatically when the cover is closed.

Hardwired PIR Model with Anti-Masking

  • Intelligent 40ft wired PIR with animal tolerance
  • Active infrared anti-masking
  • Easy set up with rotation lock for easy opening/closing of the cover
  • Sensor adjustment components are colored blue for easier identification of parts that manipulate sensor detection area
  • Spirit level
  • SMDA Logic: Differentiates nuisance false alarms & genuine intrusions
  • Automatic walk test mode starts upon closing the cover
  • Tamper output activates when face cover/back box is removed
  • Versatile design

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling

Key Features

  • Wide angle outdoor PIR detector, 40ft by 90° detection coverage
  • Hardwired PIR Model with Anti-Masking
  • Ideal for all residential & small commercial sites, with animal tolerance
  • Easy set up with rotation lock for easy opening/closing of the cover


Power up the sensor as normal and close the cover. When the cover is on, an automatic walk-test function is enabled. After 3 minutes, the sensor will flash quickly for 5 seconds to indicate that the walk test is going to expire.

No, PIR sensors detect the temperature difference between the detection goal and the bottom inside the detector’s field of view both when the difference is positive or negative. During the day the flat temperature can reach 122-140 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the human body maintains it at 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. This 20-degree difference is more than enough to detect intruder’s presence.

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