Bank vault case study

The Site

A large bank branch was in need of an extra level of security for its vault and safety deposit boxes. Both the vault and the safety deposit boxes were located in a room, protected by the existing in-wall vibration sensing technology.

The Challange

The customer was required by its insurance company to introduce an extra level of security to the existing in-wall vibration sensing technology system, a higher and more reliable level of protection to ensure that it did not have any gaps in its detection. The system also needed to be easily integrated with the existing infrastructure and minimize the disruption to the bank’s operations. Due to the surrounding environment, the existing system was producing numerous false alarms.

The Solution

A leading system integrator in the region was given the challenge to specify the most suitable products and solutions for this project. From many viable technologies, four REDSCAN RLS-3060 were chosen. The award-winning laser detectors from Optex were installed to create four adjustable invisible laser curtains around the safety deposit boxes and the vault to shroud it. The installation was quick, did not disturb the bank’s operations, and was cost-effective. The adjustable laser curtains do not leave any gaps in the detection field. The REDSCAN detectors were easily interfaced with the CCTV and the existing intruder alarm infrastructure.