Aircraft hanger case study

The Site

Two aircraft hangars in constant use, owned by Talon Air, a full service private aviation business.

The Challenge

Aircraft are expensive assets – certainly too expensive to risk being damaged in avoidable accidents whilst on the ground or being moved around a hangar. The challenge was in finding a solution that would alert ground crews to the risk of collision, and that was flexible to work with different aircraft sizes and hangar configurations. The challenge was also in providing an area for ground crew to move around safely while the aircraft were being maintained.

The Solution

Grid Squared Systems and Optex teamed up to provide a unique system of detection using REDSCAN. Taking advantage of REDSCAN’s vertical mount capabilities, they have created ‘virtual walls’ of protection. In each hangar, three walls are covered with a total of four RLS- 3060’s in vertical mode. The detectors are used as an analog device, activating a series of strobe lights and sounders that notify the ground crew prior to any impact to a wall. A detection area above the floor surface has also been created so workers can move freely throughout the facility. Customized adjustments were required to ensure detection of various aircraft sizes and other working areas.