Weather case study

OPTEX Teams up with Mobile Pro Systems to create a Rapid Security Deployment Solution for a high-end condominium builder in Extreme Weather Conditions.

The Site

A large construction site for Cove Properties, one of Alberta, Canada’s premier luxury condo builders.

The Challenge

With many developers and construction companies building throughout the year, they're forced to battle a myriad of different weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow and extreme cold. On top of this, they still face the inevitable problem of theft and vandalism. Theft of tools, machinery, new materials and scrap material cost contractors millions of dollars per year and leaves the construction companies and their sub-contractors with the effect of having to deal with their losses. The general contractors and developers feel the chain reaction as well, as they have to deal with higher insurance premiums and weeks and months of project delays.

To avoid the major effects of construction site theft, Cove Properties turned to 2020 Digital Security Solutions of Alberta, Canada for help. Cove’s requirements included a mobile solution capable of wireless communication that could be moved from site to site with surveillance, motion detection, lighting and remote monitoring capabilities. In addition, it had to survive the harsh outdoor elements of Northern Canada.

The Solution

2020 Digital Security Solutions took all of Cove’s requirements into consideration and found the perfect solution in the PowerSentry by Mobile Pro Systems.

The PowerSentry is a self-sufficient, temporary, semi-permanent or permanent surveillance solution. Built as a “power platform”, it can power anything from your surveillance, security, communications and/or your network technologies. And with its universal mounting options, the PowerSentry can be mounted to a pole, a wall or tripod or can be easily hooked over a fence or roof parapet for superior mobility. It accepts 90-277VAC to minimize re-wiring and is equipped with a high quality Lithium-Ion battery pack as a backup power source due to loss of power or power outages. In addition, the PowerSentry has a unique remote system status and control software called Power Broker, which monitors the PowerSentry’s battery voltage, current power usage, displays active map GPS monitoring, intrusion detection reporting, warning and flood lighting control and horn/speaker control.

To help solve the limited daylight obstacle, 2020 DSS had two 8,000 lumen LED flood lights mounted to the chassis of the PowerSentry. The LED floodlights are motion activated and have a pre-determined setting of how long they will stay on. The lights can also be turned on and off manually through the Power Broker software. “Due to the short amount of daylight during the winter months, the flood lights will help light the site in the evening hours and after hours if there is a breach in the perimeter” said Gene Telfer, president of 2020 DSS.

The perimeter and the interior of the construction site is protected by an Optex RedScan laser perimeter detection device which was connected to the PowerSentry and mounted 8’ below providing a 200’ horizontal area of detection. “We decided to mount the RedScan below the PowerSentry instead of on it because we will get a wider detection range and a firmer detection trigger,” Telfer said. With abnormal cold temperatures hitting the Northern United States and almost all of Canada, the first test was in late December into early January when normal temperatures fell to -40°F and -60°F with the wind chill. “The systems are working great and we haven’t had a system go down at all,” Telfer said. According to Telfer, Cove is using 6 Redscans with 2 fixed cameras on six poles, and ran power to each pole that made installation very quick and easy. They are using Milestone video management software that integrates with the cameras and Redscan laser detectors for visual verification and event response in one platform.

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