Redscan Rooftop 15

The Site

A very high-risk site belonging to a large and well-known cash handling business located in a busy commercial complex.

The Challenge

The company had identified a security weak-spot in its facility – namely the roof and the skylights within the roof. They had considered using active infrared beams, but these had been discounted because they could not cover the entire roof space. CCTV with video analytics was also considered, but similarly discounted since it is easily affected by varying light and shadow conditions, and its reliability could not therefore be depended upon.

The Solution

The solution was to install REDSCAN to cover the whole surface of the roof and skylights, integrating the detection units with the existing alarm system so that any potential intrusion is alerted. The detection area of the REDSCAN was easy to set up to the exact shape and size of the roof; a single REDSCAN unit can protect a flat roof. The sensitivity of the target object size and speed can be adjusted to dramatically reduce the possibility of false alarms from birds or fog.


The weak spot identified by the customer is now secure, giving peace of mind to the end user. False alarms are at an absolute minimum due to the laser technology and the ability to set the detection area.