Vip residence case study

OPTEX protects a private residence and its extensive grounds from potential intrusion.

Client: Private home owner

Products: Redscan RLS-3060SH Class-1 Laser Detectors

Project: Installation of 17 Redscans to protect perimeter and integrate with cameras

The Site

This private residence and its grounds comprises a variety of different perimeters including fences, bushes and walls with large areas of vegetation and pets roaming around freely.

The Challenge

The home-owner sought to protect his property from intrusion using a discreet early-warning detection technology linked to a networked CCTV system. The system had to provide 100% ground coverage in a precise detection pattern and be immune to false activations by the home-owner’s pets and vegetation. Other solutions were deemed unsuitable for the task: it was difficult to set the detection areas of a PIR or a microwave detector precisely enough; Video Analysis is expensive and could be affected by environmental conditions, such as light and shadows; and a buried cable sensor would have been costly and disruptive to install.

The Solution

Redscan was chosen because it was easy and quick to install and possible to set up a precise detection area easily, which would not be affected by the type of the boundary or the environment with very low false alarms.