Retail locations and stores of all kinds are prone to theft and vandalism. The installation of sensors has proven to be an effective method to deter thieves and vandals from these locations. When a sensor detects an intrusion attempt, the security system can trigger lights and CCTV cameras, audio warnings, and alerts to security staff.

Providing a detection area close to a store’s exterior is of the utmost importance. Many security systems struggle to provide accurate protection when these buildings are in crowded public areas. There are a few options from our line of security solutions that can provide optimal protection to both indoor and outdoor retailers.

For indoor security, the new OPTEX FlipX PIR and combination sensors, equipped with unique 180˚ rotatable lens, can protect store interior spaces with its specialized customizable detection pattern. The ability to simply remove the case and rotate the lens by 180˚ means that the sensor’s detection pattern can be customized from 85˚ wide for covering large open retail spaces, to just 5˚ for covering long narrow passages, or windows. The FlipX series offers models suitable for standard, professional, and high-risk intrusion sensing, to cover the security needs of all indoor retail applications ranging from small businesses to high-end commercial sites.

For both outdoor and indoor applications, our award-winning REDSCAN RLS-2020 utilizes LiDAR technology to provide the perfect security solution when high levels of accuracy are required. These sensors are not impacted by weather conditions or lighting. They act as an invisible wall or plane, and has the ability to detect the size and speed of an object moving through the detection area. This allows for optimal discernment of genuine threats.

The REDSCAN sensors can be mounted vertically or horizontally to protect various points of entry on a building, including doors, windows, roofs, and skylights. Their virtual planes, or detection zones, can be further customized to allow for various alarm outputs. For example, these customizations could allow for a pre-warning zone near the main entrance, or a high-threat zone near the rear of the building.

LiDAR sensors, unlike cameras, are not affected by bright sunlight or darkness because they do not rely on an external light source. When LiDAR sensors detect an intrusion, they can feed cameras the X and Y coordinates of where this intrusion is taking place. This allows the cameras to point and accurately track the intruder across zones so security staff can respond to the correct location quickly.

For outdoor detection, OPTEX also offers a series of panoramic sensors. Our WXS Series provides a 180˚ detection field with independent left and right configurations. This series is ideal for protecting open spaces and roofs, which are an easy entry point for intruders that come from adjoining buildings and attempt to access skylights, balconies, or side windows. These sensors are intelligent enough to adapt to their environment and provide reliable detection, regardless of weather and temperature changes. These sensors can also weed out false alarms caused by small or mid-sized animals like birds, cats, and dogs so that only human intruders cause an alarm to trigger.