With its extended indoor range and anti-masking function, the FlipX Advanced Series provides the perfect solution for protecting high-risk commercial environments such as banks, high end retail shops, and other settings with high-value assets.

Key Features

The FlipX Advanced series, like other models in the FlipX lineup, features a unique pyroelectric sensor that adapts to the human shape for enhanced performance. The lens can be “flipped” to fit your application needs, either for a wide or narrow detection pattern—all in one sensor. With a simple 180° rotation of the lens, the sensor can cover long areas like warehouse aisles and hallways up to 80ft. At an 85° rotation, the sensor can cover a wide space such as a lobby or the interior of a retail store to 50ft.

Additional Features

The advanced FlipX models also feature IR Anti-masking on both the PIR and Microwave sensors. This means an alert will trigger if either sensor is masked or covered, providing a higher level of security.

To ensure stable detection and reduce false alarms, the sensors have an additional technology called Double Conductive Shielding. This means that nuisance alarms that may be caused by changes in light, temperature, or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are eliminated.

The FlipX Advanced sensors also have a feature that allows the sensors to detect even the smallest of differences in temperature between a human and the environment. This Super High PIR Sensitivity mode allows for stable and highly-reliable detection to ensure greater catch performance where heightened security is of the utmost importance.

Design and Easy Installation

The sleek and compact design paired with the flexible mounting heights (between 6'7" ft - 9'8" ft) of these sensors allow them to seamlessly blend into the interior of the room, even if the building has higher ceilings.

For a simpler installation process, the FlipX Advanced models feature prominent LED light, a terminal block for easy wiring, and an EOL plug-in resistor socket.


The FlipX Advanced is available as a PIR model (FLX-A-AM), and as a dual-technology (PIR and Microwave model) model (FLX-A-DAM). The FLX-A-DAM is equipped with our robust Tough MOD 2 Microwave module that ensures the sensor works exceptionally in challenging environments, particularly those with high humidity. Tailoring the Microwave to the PIR detection area allows for higher levels of capture performance when it matters most.

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