OPTEX REDSCAN LiDAR Series can provide enhanced security solutions to suit a wide range of vertical application needs. Here are some vertical markets where the REDSCAN sensors can help secure:

Perimeter Security

The REDSCAN Series of LiDAR sensors are ideal for securing perimeters of various facilities, including commercial buildings, industrial sites, critical infrastructure, and transportation hubs. They can detect and track intrusions along fences, walls, or open areas, providing early warning and reliable intrusion detection.

Critical Infrastructure

The REDSCAN sensors are well-suited for securing critical infrastructure such as power plants, water treatment facilities, telecommunications centers, and transportation networks. These sensors can monitor access points, detect unauthorized entry, and provide real-time alerts in case of any suspicious activities.

Data Centers

The REDSCAN sensors can help secure data centers, which store sensitive and valuable information. They can detect and deter unauthorized access to server rooms, monitor the perimeter, and provide an additional layer of security for critical data infrastructure.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

The REDSCAN sensors are effective in securing warehouses and distribution centers by monitoring loading docks, entry points, and storage areas. They can help prevent theft, unauthorized access, and protect valuable inventory and assets.

Retail Environments

The REDSCAN sensors can be used in retail stores and shopping centers to combat shoplifting and improve loss prevention efforts. They can detect movements in restricted areas, monitor high-value merchandise sections, and provide accurate alerts to security personnel.

Outdoor Spaces and Campuses

The REDSCAN sensors can secure outdoor spaces such as parking lots, public parks, and educational campuses. They can detect and track intrusions, monitor perimeter boundaries, and contribute to ensuring the safety of individuals in these areas.

Public Transportation

The REDSCAN sensors can also be deployed in public transportation systems like airports, train stations, and bus terminals. They can monitor restricted areas, prevent unauthorized access to critical infrastructure, and contribute to ensuring passenger safety.

Residential Properties

The REDSCAN sensors can enhance security in residential properties, including private residences, gated communities, and apartment complexes. They can be used to monitor perimeters, entry points, and detect any unauthorized access or suspicious activities.

Healthcare Facilities

The REDSCAN sensors can help secure healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories. They can monitor restricted areas, detect unauthorized entry, and enhance overall safety and security measures.

Government and Public Sector

The REDSCAN sensors are applicable in government buildings, public spaces, and facilities. They can monitor entry points, prevent unauthorized access, and enhance security protocols in areas that require high-level protection.

These are just a few examples of the vertical markets where OPTEX REDSCAN LiDAR Series sensors can provide valuable security solutions. With their accurate detection capabilities and versatile applications, REDSCAN sensors can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of various industries.