5 July 2023

Intelligent Visual Monitoring Solution

Affordable & Effective — Visual Verification Made Easy

OPTEX, the global leader in sensing solutions, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the OPTEX Visual Security Solution Series – The OPTEX 8 Channel (CKB-308) and version 2.0 12 Channel (CKB-312V2) Visual Verification Bridge. The OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge series features powerful next generation gateway devices that allows security professionals to connect ONVIF compatible cameras and alarm sensors to the Cloud-based Visual Verification Portal powered by CHeKT.

Aimed primarily to monitored alarm systems, the solution provides central station operators the ability to visually verify alarm threats within seconds, and respond accordingly. When designed, installed, and maintained properly, this system can eliminate 100% of false dispatches and dramatically increase customer satisfaction and retention. The solution allows the operator to share video alarm events with the site emergency contacts to validate or dismiss the alarm.

The CKB-308 and CKB-312V2 Bridge allow the integrator to pair multiple cameras with sensors for visual verification of events, simplifying the installation for small to larger sites using a single device to transmit up to twelve event-driven ONVIF camera feeds. Installing the Bridge as an alarm panel module is a cost-effective way to add visual verification to existing intrusion systems, using legacy equipment.

In addition, a smart-phone App is available, allowing end users the option to have a professionally installed and self-monitored visual verification solution.

New Kit Available!

Introducing the CKB-308CUBEKIT — OPTEX BridgeComplete Visual
Alarm System

Introducing the OPTEX Bridge Kit, the newest member of our comprehensive visual security system lineup. This kit includes the 8-channel OPTEX Bridge (CKB-308) and 4 InSight Cube (INS-CUBE) devices. This combination creates a true comprehensive one-stop-shop for all types of indoor security monitoring application needs.

For end users, this system provides the ability to monitor several premises from a single mobile app at anytime, anywhere. The system can be used by itself or with existing burglar alarm hardware, and offers the ability to to self-monitor or connect to a professional monitoring center, and eliminate 100% of false dispatches and false alarm fines.

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