Product Details

InSight Cube — Visual Verification Indoor Camera

*Product availability limited to the North and South America market.

Built-in PIR Based 2-Way Audio Visual Verification Security Solution for Indoor Applications

The InSight Cube is an excellent addition to the OPTEX InSight Visual Verification Series, offering a compact PIR based visual verification solution ideal for indoor applications where the InSight Outdoor PIR Camera Series may be too large or bulky. With built-in passive infrared detection sensors, 2-way audio and video capabilities, the InSight Cube is an all-in-one indoor camera that effectively eliminates false alarms and dispatches. The InSight Cube is ONVIF compliant and can directly connect to the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge, as well as any DVR, NVR or VMS.

Product Features:

Visibility of detection area through optimized video

The InSight Cube can optimize video quality between high movement vs. low movement detection areas for maximum efficiency. With its double-scanning sensor, the Cube can provide up to 30fps at 1080p resolution.

Easy integration with the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge

The InSight Cube is fully integrated and certified by the OPTEX Bridge & CHeKT Visual Verification portal, allowing it to easily integrate into new or existing Bridge systems, offering you the most comprehensive intelligent visual monitoring solution.

Compatible with ONVIF

  • Get alerts by ONVIF
  • Anti-tamper (scene change detection by VCA)

Optimized multi-profile streaming

Up to 3 streams can be set at 1080p environments with different setting parameters, such as resolution, video rate, and frame rate.

Compatible with any web browser

Flexible plug-in program supports any web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

True all-in-one solution

Built-in Passive Infrared (PIR sensors), 2-way audio talk down feature directly from the Smartphone App, and video recording all in one compact sized unit.