Product Details

The OPTEX OA-Presence T is the best choice for an active infrared door presence sensor in the market. This sensor is not only loved for its tasteful design but also because of the high level of safety due to the presence detection and the reliability under most extreme circumstances.

Easy installation

The OPTEX OA-Presence T is simple to install. All the settings are mechanically adjustable with dipswitch and levers.


Extreme safety due to the double rows of presence detection. As long as someone or something is in the presence detection area the door will not close during the (adjustable) time, maximum setting is infinitive.


A very compact and slim design, available in two colors: Black and Silver.

All conditions

Due to the "snow" mode and the variable sensitivity this sensor is suitable for every application and all (extreme) weather conditions.


Functionality Safety Side Screen Safety Combination

Opening Size Small Medium Large