Battery-Powered, Wireless Photoelectric and PIR Detectors from Optex

Greatly reduce install time and labor cost with the industry’s number one choice for battery-powered protection. From rooftop HVAC protection to electrical substations, the iSeries line of detectors from OPTEX give you a battery-powered, wireless solution for all your security needs. Each iSeries detector includes an Inovonics EN1941 wireless transmitter pre-installed, allowing for a quick and inexpensive setup with no trenching or running wires. Batteries are also included, with an average lifespan of two to ten years depending on detector and frequency of use. From perimeter to interior, no one offers a more complete line of battery-powered security detectors and solutions than OPTEX.

Perimeter Security: Reduction in Labor Costs and Installation TimeThe iSeries battery-powered, wireless detectors are a perfect way to set up and secure a perimeter without having to trench or run wire. Because of this, an end user can continue business as usual without interruption due to installation labor. A complete perimeter can be set up in hours as opposed to days or even weeks. Both the installer and end-user can also expect a substantial cost savings alternative to a traditional hardwired system. Customers who previously shied away from perimeter security due to cost can now afford a first line of defense as opposed to waiting for a person to do damage before an alarm is triggered.

Approach / Spot Protection: Flexible Security for Changing Site ConditionsFor areas inside the perimeter, the iSeries mid-range PIR detectors are a great way to add additional protection to assets and high security areas. In applications where conditions and security needs change on a regular basis, such as construction sites and storage yards, the battery-powered, wireless iSeries can be easily moved or adjusted to fit those needs. Want to back up any alarms with CCTV footage? No problem...the iSeries detectors can easily be used to trigger PTZ or fixed cameras for video verification.

Immediate Perimeter / Boundary Security: Exterior Structure ProtectionThe battery-powered, wireless iSeries lineup also includes detectors with unique detection patterns and adjustable brackets. This allows for immediate protection around structures in applications such as multiple roll-up doors and window lines. The iSeries boundary security and immediate perimeter detectors also make an excellent choice for both ground and rooftop based HVAC protection. As with all iSeries detectors, these can be incorporated into CCTV systems to trigger cameras for video verification.

Interior: Battery-Powered Warehouse and Indoor DetectionThe harsh conditions of a warehouse require a robust detector. The iSeries battery-powered, wireless interior detectors allow for a quick, easy install with stable detection in even the harshest of environments. In addition, all iSeries outdoor detectors work indoor as well.

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