Art gallery detection

The Site

A major art gallery in an indoor environment, where REDSCAN detectors and other security products were installed high to avoid interrupting visitors' experience with the art pieces.

The Challenge

The goal was to prevent the public from touching the high value paintings, sculptures, and other valuable art pieces. In addition, the customer did not want the sensors to be ‘noticeable’ as to not take away from the gallery experience. In addition, the REDSCAN units needed to tie into a current security system that would provide active tracking of incidents.

The Solution

OPTEX worked with the Systems Integrator to provide ‘virtual laser walls’ that detected hands, arms, and other body parts. One REDSCAN unit covers a wide area of the wall or ceiling. For art pieces that required full security of a person getting too close, REDSCAN was installed vertically and covered 200 feet of wall to detect body mass. For art susceptible to touching, REDSCAN detectors were installed vertically and covered 33 feet of wall space. This would detect 4 inches of arm length. REDSCAN detectors can be installed up to 50 feet. Therefore, the installation did not deter from the visitor’s art gallery experience.