2 November 2022

Introducing the OPTEX InSight Cube, a built-in PIR based audio visual verification security solution for indoor applications.

From OPTEX America headquarters, Rancho Dominguez

OPTEX, the global leader in sensing solutions, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the InSight Visual Verification PIR Camera Series – The InSight Cube (INS-CUBE). The InSight Cube offers a compact PIR based visual verification solution, ideal for indoor applications. With its built-in passive infrared detection sensors, 2-way audio talk-down function*, and optimized video capabilities, the InSight Cube is an all-in-one indoor camera that effectively eliminates false alarms and dispatches. The InSight Cube is ONVIF compliant and can directly connect to the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge, as well as any DVR, NVR or VMS.

As part of the OPTEX Visual Verification system along with the InSight outdoor PIR camera series, the InSight Cube offers an elevated level of security, giving users the ability to see what is happening within their protected areas in real time. This allows the user, the central station, as well as law enforcement to immediately receive valuable information with which to make decisions at the most critical moment. As soon as the alarm goes off, regardless of the time of day, a user can instantly be 100% sure of what is going on within the protection zone with optimized video directly on the visual verification app. Adding the InSight series for visual verification will also allow users to access their cameras anytime and anywhere, an exceptionally useful function not only for security monitoring but also for any remote management of assets and personnel on site.

For those with an existing security system, the addition of the OPTEX Visual Verification system gives owners the ability to filter out alarms caused by non-burglar related events, such as small animals, swaying vegetation, harsh weather, or any other sources of activity that could trigger a false alarm, allowing users to enjoy a true all-in-one system with zero false police dispatches and zero false alarm fines.

For more product information about the InSight Cube, please click here.

*Please note: Talk-down capability is currently available for the InSight Cube, and 2-way voice feature is coming soon.