Visual Verification Solutions are a Critical Component of Any Effective Security System

False alarm reduction initiatives have made visual verification a necessity for today's alarm systems. The days when police would respond to every alarm are almost gone. Across the U.S. and Canada, more and more local jurisdictions are cracking down on false alarms. Many city and town authorities have issued verified response protocols or false alarm programs.

In order to meet the challenge of verifying alarms, OPTEX has partnered with CHekT, a leading visual verification solution provider, to provide a complete solution. Coupled with the OPTEX Bridge, its deep portfolio of indoor and outdoor sensors, and any ONVIF compliant security camera gives you the ability to provide an all encompassing visual verification solution while minimizing false alarms.

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Entry Level Products: QXI series, CX-702, HX series

Premium Level Products: BX Shield series, VX Shield series, WX Shield series

Premium+ Level Products: REDWALL series, Beams & Enclosures

Professional Level Products: RLS-2020 series, RLS-3060 series

Intelligent Visual Verification Solutions Powered by CHekT

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