OPTEX offers cutting-edge security solutions recognized for their ability to boost safety in warehouses and distribution centers, effectively deterring intruders.

Warehouses and distribution centers frequently attract criminal activity, originating both externally and internally. Rapid response is essential to thwart potential damage or theft. Detecting intrusions at the earliest possible moment significantly increases the likelihood of preventing crime. OPTEX presents a comprehensive array of security solutions tailored to the logistics sector, ensuring precise identification and prevention of unauthorized access. This safeguards facilities and preserves valuable goods effectively.

Importance and Advantages of Security Systems for Storage and Warehouses

Warehouses inherently house valuable items, rendering them attractive to thieves. Given their often remote locations, warehouses become even more enticing targets for theft compared to retail establishments. Consequently, robust security protocols are indispensable for safeguarding warehouses and logistics centers. Our solutions extend beyond mere stock protection; they ensure the safety of personnel and grant warehouse managers peace of mind when opening or securing the facility.

A Multilayered Warehouse Security System

OPTEX designs sensors that ensure comprehensive security coverage for your logistics facility in every aspect. We consistently advocate for a multi-layered strategy, employing specialized sensors tailored to specific zones encompassing the perimeter, approach, building, and indoor areas. Our portfolio encompasses intrusion detection systems that cater to each site zone, providing specialized protection based on detection range, technology, and other relevant factors.

The foundation of multi-layered security commences at the perimeter, where we recommend the utilization of AIR beams and LiDAR technology to identify intruders before they breach the site boundary. Subsequently, safeguarding the approach to the building is pivotal, with the REDWALL series recommended for long-distance volumetric detection.

The subsequent layer of defense should envelop the building, meticulously detecting activities around vulnerable entry points like windows and skylights. Our warehouse security alarms incorporate shorter-range PIRs such as the BXS, WXS, and VXS, which can be affixed to building walls to identify close movements near windows and doors. For instances involving skylights or roof-associated entry risks, the REDSCAN Series can be deployed to identify and track movement effectively.

The final phase takes place indoors, necessitating the presence of sensors to monitor intruders' motions and precisely pinpoint their locations. Our latest indoor offerings, the FlipX Advanced PIR sensors and the LiDAR REDSCAN Mini, both boasting Grade 3 standards, are ideal solutions tailored for warehouse and logistics environments.

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