Eliminate 100% of False Dispatches & Dramatically Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention

The OPTEX Bridge Series provides you with a simple, low cost solution, connecting cameras and sensors to the CHeKT Visual Verification Service. With proper system design, installation, and maintenance, our solution effectively provides fast and efficient event information that can eliminate false dispatches.

The Bridge is a revolutionary device that simply sits in-line on the zones of any alarm panel. The Bridge will pair cameras with those zones and send video to a central station operator, only when your alarm panel is armed and when an alarm occurs. Any zone type, any detector, and only when a panel is armed. CHeKT has created the video verification solution you always expected. Because the Bridge is using an existing alarm zone and detectors, you can trust the alarm detection. When an alarm zone is tripped, the Bridge is sent that information and begins to upload pre and post-alarm video to the monitoring portal. The alarm signal is sent to the central station by your alarm panel and the central station software can access our monitoring portal within 2 seconds.

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